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Ranny Grady (shown with wife Denise Grady), a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over twenty years of experience, and an ordained minister, will provide biblical counsel and practical application for marriage. Romancing the Stone is an intense two-day and two-night marriage retreat. It consists of a thorough study of God's word concerning marriage/blended marriage and it includes specific activities to help you formulate the type of "Godly" marriage you need... and God wants you to have.

You will learn enhanced Communication Skills that enable you to understand your mate in a whole new spiritual light. You will learn to "role play" so that you will can learn how to live as a couple in a Godly marriage; and you will discover and rekindle a new level of intimacy.

You will be taught "Forgiveness Skills" that will help you begin to rebuild a Godly marriage broken by a "sense of betrayal of trust".

You will also be taught "Parenting Skills" that will allow you to know that Biblical truth is being modeled in your home. This knowledge will empower your family and bless your children.

Romancing the Stone marriage enrichment is designed specifically to reconcile a marriage that isn't doing well - yet. This seminar is particularly suited for the couple who, because of their commitment, children, financial consideration and their biblical belief in Jesus - choose to remain married rather than seek divorce. This couple recognizes that their marriage must find a workable solution; and if the marriage doesn't change, in a reasonable amount of time, divorce maybe the end result.

If a mature, contentedly married couple wishes to learn how to mentor other married couples to serve the Kingdom with this "special type" of ministry, a Romancing the Stone Marriage Retreat will equip them to coach other couples biblically.

Each day of learning will still provide you with ample time to enjoy all that Lake Cumberland has to offer.

Your Investment: $1,000.00 (this includes two nights stay with breakfast and lunch)